2016 national curriculum test results

Fantastic results for Cheam Common Year 6 children in the 2016 national curriculum tests

Our governing body is delighted to share the news that our Year 6 children have performed
exceptionally well in this year’s national curriculum tests for 11 year olds.

As many of you will have seen in the national news, the government has set a new, tougher
standard for each subject, which it wants the majority of children to reach. For the tests, these
‘standards’ are based on a list of things that children should be able to do. This is then used to work out how many marks a pupil should score to reach these new expectations. Although each test has a different number of questions and marks available, all of the test results have been converted to a common scale. It is this scaled score that is reported to Year 6 parents and is used nationally to see how well a school has performed. The scaled score gives an indication of how children have achieved against the nationally expected standard. A score of 100 represents the expected standard. Higher scores indicate higher achievement, while scores below 100 indicate that children have not yet met the expected standard for their age. The highest score a child can achieve is 120, with 80 being the lowest. Nationally, far fewer children have reached this new higher standard in 2016, than used to be the case – particularly as the current Year 6 children have only studied the new curriculum for two years.

However at Cheam Common Junior, our children have met and exceeded the new tougher
national standards in huge numbers. We are exceptionally proud of how well our children have done this year; their results indicate that the vast majority of them are very well prepared for secondary school. They should be congratulated on their achievements. You can see our full results below and how our school compares to the new national averages.

  Percentage of children
reaching the
expected standard
Average scale score
reached by children
  Cheam Common National Cheam Common National
Reading 78% 66% 104 103
Writing 83% 74%    
English GPS 81% 72% 107 104
Mathematics 81% 70% 106 103
Reading, writing and maths 73% 53%    

Well done Year 6 and thank you to their teachers and parents for your hard work and support over the last couple of terms.